For Employers

The Greater Bronzeville Neighborhood Network and Solve are proudly working together to make it easier for organizations to connect individuals to jobs and social services. 

About Solve:

Many community-based organizations, staffing firms, elected officials, and employers in underserved communities operate in silos. These silos limit both the pipeline of clients and the number of opportunities for each client. Solve is a software tool that creates a referral network, empowering organizations and employers to collaborate and share information. This opens up a wider array of opportunities for individuals, while helping organizations make more successful placements and connections. Solve’s easy-to-use platform also streamlines client intake, makes it more convenient to track and manage cases, and provides data analysis to help measure outcomes.

GBNN takes pride in connecting employers to job seekers that are dedicated, committed, loyal, and hopeful for long term stability and household sustainability.

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